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Question: Is it wrong for a Christian wife to leave a non-Christian husband? The marriage is unbearable.

Answer: It depends on what you mean by 'unbearable.' If you mean that you are being physically, mentally or verbally abused, yes, you have every right to leave. By this I mean you can 'separate' from him or get a divorce, but according to Scripture you could not 'remarry' unless he doesn't want to be married to you (1 Cor. 7:10-16), or unless he is sexually immoral (Matt. 19:9).

If you are in any of the above abusive situations it is paramount that you get away as quickly as possible. You may want to contact a women's shelter and keep your location secret. Too many women have lost their lives or been injured by delaying, thinking the husband will change.

Your first concern is your physical and mental well being. God doesn't want you to stay in an abusive situation. Some have thought that since you are not to remarry unless there is sexual immorality, that means you have to endure anything, this is just not Scriptural! God has always had believers try to get away to safety. We are to protect ourselves, and all through the Bible you will see that this is the case.

Now, if it is not any of the above mentioned abuses, you would need to pray for grace to love the individual and pray that he receives the Lord. Many wives have won their husbands to the Lord through prayer and through living holy lives. (1 Pt. 3:1-6) Then their husbands have become new individuals. Also, some wives have separated for a time, until the husband sees his need for change, or has shown himself to be truly changed. Watch out for tricks of a husband who pretends to become a Christian, just to get you to come home. They have to prove themselves for sometime, so you know it is real.

Write if I did not answer the question to your satisfaction, it is a little hard not knowing your particular situation. I would also highly recommend that you go to a Christian pastor or qualified counselor, who could give you good Christian advice after hearing the details of what you mean by 'unbearable.'

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