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Bible Study: Acts (Part 1-Chapters 1-2)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 2-Chapters 3-4)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 3-Chapters 5-7)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 4-Chapters 8-9)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 5-Chapter 10)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 6-Chapters 11-12)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 7-Chapters 13-15)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 8-Chapters 16-17)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 9-Chapters 18-19)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 10-Chapters 19-21)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 11-Chapters 21-26)
Bible Study: Acts (Part 12-Chapters 27-28)

Author: Luke
Date: Probably about A.D. 62

I. The Gospel Spreads in Jerusalem, Chapters 1-7 
II. The Gospel Spreads in all Judea and Samaria, Chapters 8-12
III. The Gospel Spreads to the End of the Earth, Chapters 13-28


Bible Study: Romans (Part 1-Chapters 1-8)
Bible Study: Romans (Part 2-Chapters 8-11)
Bible Study: Romans (Part 3-Chapter 12)
Bible Study: Romans (Part 4-Chapters 13-16)

Author: Paul
Date: Probably about A.D. 58

Introduction 1:1-1:17
I. The Need for Salvation 1:18-3:23
  A. Gentile Sin 1:18-2:16
  B. Jewish Sin 2:17-3:8
  C. Universal Sin 3:9-3:23
II. The Way of Salvation 3:24-5:21
III. Sanctification 6-8
IV. Scope of Salvation, Jew and Gentile 9-11
  A. Israel's Past 9
  B. Israel's Present 10
  C. Israel's Future 11
V. Service and Salutations 12-16

1 Corinthians

Bible Study: 1 Corinthians (Part 1-Chapters 1-3)
Bible Study: 1 Corinthians (Part 2-Chapters 4-7)
Bible Study: 1 Corinthians (Part 3-Chapters 8-12)
Bible Study: 1 Corinthians (Part 4-Chapters 13-16)

Author: Paul
Date: A.D. 56

Introduction 1:1-1:9
I. With Some People Following Man's Wisdom as Opposed to God's. 1:10-4:21
  A. Even in the assembly. 1:10-1:17
  B. As the unsaved always do. 1:18-2:16
  C. Which causes the saved to have a natural-minded concept of the ministry. 3:1-4:5
  D. Resulting in a false pride. 4:6-4:21
II. So That Order in the Church is Impossible. 5:1-6:20
  A. As far as carrying out discipline is concerned. 5:1-5:13
  B. With one Christian taking another to court. 6:1-6:11
  C. With immorality coming in. 6:12-6:20
III. So That Marriage is Even Being Argued About. 7:1-7:40
  A. Should the married, stay married? 7:1-7:7
 B. Should unmarried and widows marry? 7:8-9
  C. Should saved stay in the same social condition as in before saved? 7:10-7:24
  D. Could one serve the Lord better, during the present distress (persecution), married or unmarried? 7:25-35
  E. Should fathers keep their daughters from marrying? 7:36-38
  F. What should one do if the mate dies? 7:39-40
IV. With Disagreement Over Meat Sacrificed to Idols. 8:1-11:1
  A. The principle defined. 8:1-10:22
     1. As illustrated by Paul's life. 8:1-9:27
     2. As illustrated by Jewish life. 10:1-10:22
  B. The Principle applied. 10:23-11:34
V. With Respect to Subordination. 11:2-14:40
  A. In God's order of things. 11:2-11:16
  B. At the Lord's Supper. 11:17-11:34
  C. In relationship to one type of gift to another. 12:1-14:40
VI. Over the Importance of the Resurrection. 15:1-58
  A. Beginning with the fact of the resurrection. 15:1-11
  B. From the theological stand-point of it. 15:12-58
Concluding Remarks 16:1-16:24
  A. Concerning the collection for the saints. 16:1-9
  B. Concerning the coming of Timothy and Apollos. 16:10-12
  C. Concerning proper actions. 16:13-14
  D. Concerning subjection to men. 16:15-18
  E. About greetings. 16:19-21
  F. About charges. 16:22-24

2 Corinthians

Bible Study: 2 Corinthians (Part 1-Chapters 1-5)
Bible Study: 2 Corinthians (Part 2 -Chapters 6-8)
Bible Study: 2 Corinthians (Part 3 -Chapters 9-13)

  I. Christian Ministry Chapters 1-7
 II. Christian Giving Chapters 8, 9
III. Christian Minister Chapters 10-13


Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 1-Chapters 1-3)
Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 2-Chapter 4)
Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 3-Chapter 5:1-19)
Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 4-Chapter 5:20-6:9)
Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 5-Chapter 6:10-17)
Bible Study: Ephesians (Part 6-Chapter 6:18-24)

Author: Paul
Date: A.D. 61

I. Wealth of the Believer (Doctrinal) Chapters 1-3
II. Walk of the Believer (Practical) Chapters 4-6:9
III. Warfare of the Believer (Tactical) Chapter 6:10-24

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