In a legacy that will continue on for centuries, Captain Or Ben-Yehuda of the Israeli Defense Forces successfully led her men to safety amid absolutely terror and chaos. The young IDF Captain was in charge of a company of soldiers when they were violently attacked by terrorists near the Egyptian border, but under her impeccable leadership, they were able to survive.

Ben-Yehuda was in charge of the Caracal Battalion, which was stationed near the Israeli/Egyptian border. When Ben-Yehuda and her team spotted three suspicious vehicles approaching the battalion’s position, they quickly went to investigate. As they approached the first vehicle, nearly two dozen armed men open fired on their position.

Ben-Yehuda and her driver were shot in the gunfire but the brave captain was still able to get on the radio and call for backup, administer first aid to her drive and return fire back at her attackers until IDF soldiers arrived on the scene. When they did, the Captain commanded them and positioned her men to fight back.

Ignoring demands from the medical personnel, Ben-Yehuda refused to leave the battlefield until the fighting was complete.

When she finally recovered from her injuries, a special awards ceremony was held in her honor and she was granted the Medal of Valor. The award was presented by her mother, who is a decorated IDF soldier herself.

What do you think? Is this a remarkable story of bravery?