A teacher in Maryland was arrested by authorities Tuesday after reportedly getting caught in possession of drugs and selling them on school property.

 Monica Snee, 51, who taught special education at Parkside High School, was arrested after authorities found 100 capsules of heroin, hundreds of oxycodone pills, suboxone strips and about $3,000 in her car, WJLA reported.

Investigators said the suspect had been on their radar since October when they discovered that she was selling drugs on school grounds and in the nearby area, Fox 32 Chicago said.

Officials with the Wicomico County Public Schools said they had no prior knowledge of the accusations against Snee, nor did they know of any students potentially involved in the drug deals, Fox 32 Chicago said. The alleged deals reportedly happened in a parking lot behind the school.

The principal of the high school called the parents of students and informed them of the ongoing situation, WJLA said.

 “Ms. Snee was placed on administrative leave effective immediately and is not teaching, pending the outcome of the judicial process as well as the school system’s administrative investigation,” the principal said in the call, according to a transcript from WJLA.

Snee was charged with possession of heroin and presciption medications as well as the intent to distribute on school property, Fox 32 said.